Moving Image Narrative Research Cluster now has an ongoing screening program.
Our Screen is in the foyer of the Film and TV building right next to some comfy couches in the waiting area with 3 pairs of headphones attached to the wall.
Several research staff and student works have been playing over the last couple of months.
If you have some screen based research you would like to be considered for inclusion in future screen programs,
we can accept any hi-def ratio footage rendered as a movie file with H264 compression,
simply email Paul or Siobhan with your vimeo download link, or dropbox ,cloudstor etc,ftp via wetransfer.com—
Paul Fletcher
Siobhan Jackson

Katherine Edwards Completion Seminar

MFA Completion Seminar: Katherine Edwards

Date and time: Thursday 21 May 12.00pm

Location: Founders Gallery, Ground Floor, Elisabeth Murdoch Building, 234 St Kilda Road

Through a series of underwater video sequences tracing the immersed female body, this project explores the idea of a conceivable realm where the physical world our bodies appear to inhabit overlaps and reacts with the metaphysical realm of the psyche. Water space provides a suspended three-dimensional “canvas” within which to construct the work.

My artistic process echoes the process of dreams vaporising from the unconscious as the camera’s blind operation first captures the imagery without judgment, before the images are later edited. Key research questions include defining the self through ‘psychical envelopes’ of skin and water; and the idea that the female is one, being both – skin and water, outer and inner.

The completion seminar is part of the VCA’s Centre for Ideas research program.

Practice-based Research Group

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